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Villa Apartments Algarve Portugal. Casa Rosa a bird-watching paradise

Bee Eater   Bee Eater

Bee-Eater flying by the pool at Casa Rosa. Photo by Chris Barlow.

Golden Oriole   Golden Oriole female

Golden Oriole male and female. Photo by Tree-Frog Fotos. See her photos at facebook.

Little Bittern and friend   House Martins at puddle

Little Bittern and his friend and House Martins. Photo 2015 Dave Roach

Waxbill   Spoonbill

Waxbill and Spoonbill. Photos 2015 by Dave Roach.

Blue Headed Wagtail   Red-rumped Swallow

Blue Headed Wagtail and Red-rumped Swallow April 2015 by Roger Wasley.

Fiddler Crab   Red-crested Pochard

Fiddler Crab and Red-Crested Pochard. Photos June 2103 by Paul Knolle.


Lesser spotted Woodpecker   Red legged Partridge

Lesser spotted Woodpecker and Red legged Partridge - Casa Rosa, Lagoa 2013 by Paul Lathbury

Azure winged magpie   Black tailed Godwit

Azure winged Magpie and Black tailed Godwit-Quinta do Lago and Quinta do Marine January 2013 by Paul Lathbury.

Northern Lapwing   Ringed Plover

Northern Lapwing-Castro Marim and Ringed Plover-Fuseta January 2013 by Paul Lathbury

  Purple Swamphen  Common stonechat  Greater Flamingos  

Purple Swamphen-Quinta do Lago, Common Stonechat-Quinta do Lago and Greater Flamingos-Castro Marim all January 2013 by Paul Lathbury.

Hoopoe   little Bittern    Great Bustard

Hoopoe, Little Bittern and Great Bustard. All photos by Diane Jackson March 2012.

kBlack winged Kite    Fan tailed Warbler    Little Bittern

Black Winged Kite, Fan Tailed Warbler and Little Bittern. All photos by Chris Barlow April 2010.

Iberian Lizzard
Iberian Lizzard. Photo by Chris Barlow April 2010.


Black-winged Stilt   

Black-winged Stilt. Photo by Manfred Schleuning November 2008.


Little Owl living at Casa Rosa grounds. Photo by Michael Shelton September 2008.


Barn Owl well   Woddchat Shrike

Barn Owl (Tyto alba) nesting in the well up the road from Casa Rosa and Woodchat Shrike ( Lanius senator), taken from the window of Apartment 5.

Photo courtesy of Judith Robinson. May 2008.

Azure Winged Magpie, Casa Rosa grounds April 2008.
Photo courtesy of Jamie MacArthur.


Blackcap on the bistro terrace at Casa Rosa. Courtesy of Eddie Douglas January 2007.



One of the hoopoe who nest ever year in the neighbourhood of Casa Rosa. Courtesy of Eddie Douglas January 2007.

kingfisher    little owls    robin

The Little Owls, Kingfisher and Robin photographs were all taken here in Portugal by Ricardo Guerreiro using the digiscope system of photography. Full details of this system of photography and some more very beautiful and stunning photographs of birds and the Portuguese landscape can be found on Ricardo's Web Site  

Chiffchaff        Chiffchaff

A Chiffchaff feeding in a window box at Casa Rosa.

Some more great Pictures from Ray Wilson taken January 2007.

Teal Algarve Portugal

Night Heron


Southern Emerald Damselfly (Lestes barbarus), taken on the donkey trail
Judith Robinson, May 2008


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