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Bird watching places to stay in the Algarve, Portugal

CASA ROSA  About us.

Casa Rosa started officially trading in March 2001 and since then many guests from all over the world have returned for a second visit, some guests are now on their eighth or ninth  visit.
Casa Rosa is run by Corinne and Erik. We live on the premises and are available to offer advice and help sort out any problems guests may have.

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Why choose other places to stay when you like to bridwatch in the Algarve. Casa Rosa is premium location with at least 32 species on the grounds. For other places to visit it is 10 min to Ria Formosa visitor center by Olhao, 10 min to the saltpans by Fuesta and the same for Olhao. 20 min to Castro Marim and Ludo Farm. some 30 min to Quinta do Lago. For going to Castro Verde it is a daytrip with 90 min drive each direction, more or less the same to Sagres area and if you like to visit Coto Donana nature reserve in Spain it is 90 min as well.


Hoopoes nest regularly in the neighbourhood

They have two broods a year, the first in the early spring and the second in May/June.

They have become relatively tame and are frequently walking along the lane just outside Casa Rosa gate in March-June.

Flamingos you find several places along the coast. In Fuseeta, Tavira and this photo taken by Paul Lathbury in Castro Marim area

Greater Flamingo

Many birdwatchers and people interested in birding have visited Casa Rosa over the 12 years of operation. And they have given us the oportunity to get to know some of the birds, specially around here.

We had guests visiting January 2013 and they spotted a number of 32 different species on the plot of Casa Rosa and the "Donkey Track" along the nearby fields. And a total of 118 during their visit. Among them Rock Bunting at Foia by Monchique when they were out bird watching.

Hoopoe algarve

Great-spotted Cuckoo spotted on Casa Rosa area by guests in Early February 2013.
The Cuckoo - one of the two Cuckoos there are in Portugal, is called the Great-spotted Cuckoo (Clamator glandarius) or "Cuco-rabilongo" in Portuguese. They arrive back early from their wintering areas in Africa (normally from early February onwards and best seen in early spring) and are not very common in the Algarve, only around Castro Marim and Tavira, more widespread in the Alentejo. They lay their eggs preferred in the nests of the ordinary European Magpie. This species does not exist in Central- or Northern Europe and is for sure in the "Top 20 or 30" of the "wish-list" for birds species to see, of most English, Dutch, Scandinavian or German birder visiting here...



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